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27th November 2010 BULLDOG  OF THE YEAR 2010

Wnning a CC gave Joy Crufts qualification for life , stud book number and also an Invitation to attend the most prestigious Show in the Bulldog calender, 'Bulldog of the Year'.

I would like to thank Judge Mrs Alison Gunson [ Wyecaple] for thinking so highly of Joy.

(15)Graduate Bitch 9 (2 abs)
1st Larsson’s, Jabberwockys Enjoy Me for Britisher,
I just loved this little girl, standard, compact, neat and tidy, has all the correct attributes of a bulldog bitch, fills the eye with no distracting exaggeration whatsoever! Flowing outline, excellent reach of neck, correctly tacked on to a super shoulder with excellent return of upper arm, correct topline which she held on the move. A picture, whichever angle you see her from. Wish she was mine ! Well handled to take class, CC and BOS.

As it is by 'Invitation Only', I was honoured and very proud be taking part amongst the best Bulldogs in the UK. Although we did not win, it was still a wonderful achievement for me and Joy to be there, and a day I will never forget.  


Photos: Pasi Apajalahti, Finland and Avi of Pnei Mallach, Israel.

27nd November 2010The Bulldog Club Inc Open show

Britisher Union Jack
2nd Graduate Dog  [ 18 enteries] Judge: Mrs A. Barnsby
[ Beaudiddley ]

2. Larsson’s BRITISHER UNION JACK. Handsome r/w dog with good length of skull. Neat thin ears set high and wide apart. Large nostrils in big black nose. Thick well muscled neck, tacked on shoulders giving correct broad front. Forelegs stout and well developed with lighter rear quarters.

Photo: Pasi Apajalahti, Finland

12th September 2010Richmond Championship show

Jabberwocky's Enjoy Me for Britisher
2nd Bitch Open class Judge: Mrs M. Goodwin
[ Britishpride ]
Photos: Enrika of Britishus

13th June 2010London Bulldog Society

Britisher Union Jack
1st Junior Dog  Judge: Mrs H. Seal [ Sealaville ]

1st Larssons Britisher Union Jack. Red/ White dog, with a fantastic head , with wide open nostrils, good width off jaw and upsweep, nice dark eyes, and lovely rose ears, Good bone with tacked on shoulder , A good Strong dog , moved and handled well.

4th June 2010Southern Counities Championship show

Jabberwocky's Enjoy Me for Britisher Res Best Bitch in Show Judge: Miss Inger Bjokman
[ Multums, Sweden ]
Britisher Union Jack 3rd Junior Dog   
Britisher Trinity 3rd Junior Bitch  
Photos: Enrika of Britishus and Tracy of Tauruscanis.

24th April 2010W.E.L.K.S Championship show

Jabberwocky's Enjoy Me for Britisher 4th Open Bitch Judge: Mrs Pat Perkins [ Quintic ]
Britisher Union Jack 2nd Junior Dog   

4th April 2010The Junior Bulldog Club Open Show 

Britisher Union Jack 1st Puppy Dog  Judge: Mrs D.Lees [ Mellowmood ]
Britisher Trinity 2nd Puppy Bitch  

1st Britisher Union Jack. Red and white on the larger size for me but not over done good width of jaw good length of skull, dark eyes tacked on shoulders well off for bone moved ok.

2nd Britisher Trinity. Red and white nice head with dark eyes, good strong looking skull, good turn of under jaw nice reach of neck top line good strong straight bone moved ok.

21st March 2010The South of England Bulldog Society Open Show

Britisher Union Jack
[ Jack's 3rd show ]
1st Puppy Dog 
Judge: Mrs Sue Bush [ Preatorian]
Jabberwocky's Enjoy Me for Britisher 2nd Open Bitch  

1st. Larsson's. Britisher Union Jack. Fawn/White mature puppy with masculine head and good width of foreface, good pigmentation, open nostrils. Well placed rose ears. Correct placement of shoulders to straight forearm, beautiful front assemble. Nice topline straight tail, strong hind legs. Walked his width. Well deserved BIS. BPIS.


2nd Larsson's. Jabberwocky's Enjoy me for Britisher. Red/White with a flat skull and superb pigmentation around eyes, a lovely feminine expression. Sufficient reach length of neck, good depth of brisket between forearms. Strong challenge.

A big thank you goes to the judge for these  beautiful engraved  glass gifts.

7th March 2010Folkestone & Hythe District C.S show

Britisher Trinity
[ her 1st show ]
1st Puppy Bitch
Judge: Mr D. Chapman [ Slaughden]
Britisher Union Jack RES BEST PUPPY IN SHOW [ beaten by his sister]
2nd Post Graduate

1 ( 6,1) Larsson's Britisher Trinity. Red and white bitch, correct head with neat ear set up and good upsweep. Good square front with straight bone and well off for rib, correct straight tail and well set, pleased with movement. A promising young developing bitch that should go on to do well. Best puppy & R.BOB.


6th March 2010The Bulldog club Inc Club Championship show

Britisher Union Jack
[ Jack's 1st show ! ]
1st Puppy Dog , Qualified for Crufts 2011
Judge: Mr Chris Carberry
[ Berrybrook]
Jabberwocky's Enjoy Me for Britisher Res Open Bitch  

1st. Larsson. Britisher Union Jack. Fawn/White, Well grown puppy, Large head with enough work, flat skull, dark eyes, large open nostrils, stand off expression, good mouth. Heavy boned with a nice front and barrel ribs, moved ok. Best Puppy Dog.


Photos: Natascha of Radinkas Bulldogs

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