Hannibal was extremely stubborn with a strong mind and huge ego, but in the same, very affectionate and devoted to his family and his mate Angus.

He was shown on a couple occasions and managed to get 1 CAC!

Hannibal had three passions: his Master Nigel, whom he followed everywhere, food - lots of it, and a nice soft bed to lie in.......
He was interested in cars and bicycles, that was he loved to chase them! ;) He did not like the rain or to get wet and during rainy days we had to force him out! Sausage bribes did the trick many times!
Hannibal had a very outgoing personality, he was a bit of the clown so we have a lot of fun together. Days were never boring with Hannibal around he made people laugh!  
 He always made sure that he was the first one in the line to greet visitors when they came to our home. When they settled down he run out to the corridor to get one of our shoes and he brought the shoe back and walked in front the visitor back and forward all this to get attention.  

He was spoiled and loved very much.....