Brutus was my first Bulldog and was  purchased with the intention for show, unfortunately he did not turn out to be a show dog but with him everything started.
He was the one who made my devotion for Bulldogs to last for ever.....
Everything started in early Spring of 1992, my dreams had been realised - I was getting my first my very own Bulldog - Brutus ! 

Unfortunately he suffered from bladder stoness and had to undergo lifetime long  ongoing treatments but despite that he was always a trooper, so very patient and never lost his high spirit always happy to see us no matter how poorly he was.

No friend could ever have been a better companion!
He was the most gentle of natures, very loving and trusting .

My second Daughter Nicole was born the year we purchased Brutus, both my girls Amber and Nicoley both grow up with him and Brutus was the best companion and friend I could ask for my children.
We had the most wonderful 8 years possible with Brutus.
Brutus will always have a very special place in my brave little man.