From the very first show Angus was a consistent awards winner, doing well under Breed Specialist and All breed domestic and International judges.
I met Angus for the first time only a couple of hours after his birth, I was automatically drown towards this particular puppy , only paying attention to him and Britta my dear Friend said "he can be yours if you want him".... 9 weeks later Angus moved in with us.  
Angus was an active dog and he had such a lovely temperament, he was my dog, my "special boy" and he was and still is very close to my heart. Where I went he wanted to follow.
He was very good hearted and loved all people and other animals.
One of the things he liked most was to play a game where he pretended that he was invisible and then tried to sneak up on people by tip toeing. When he was close he jumped up as if to surprise them, and then he was very happy.
Angus was very agile and he enjoyed long walks, it was a real joy and privilege to owned Angus.

He is missed very much.....

Angus came from mr friend Britta Mollerstrom of Goldbullies Kennels in Sweden. I have had 3 bulldogs from Britta :
Angus, Hannibal and Brutus.  

14 CC   |  7 BOB   |  4 BOS  |  25 First placements at Champ shows |