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The Bulldog Of The Year competition even called " The most presigious show of the year " each year is heald in Luton and organized by the Bulldog Club Incorporated.

The procedure is as follows, all dogs having won a CC in the previous 12 months are invited to take part. Three Championship Show judges go over each dog individually without consultation with each other and mark their placings on cards. From these placings points are awarded to determine the winner. No dog is placed in line at any time and only the first four places are announced.  
All dogs taking part are worthy winners of their Challenge Certificates and there will be no losers at this event.  
Each dog is given a Special Rosette, a Commemorative Plate, a small monetary award .The event has become one of the most prestigious in the bulldog calendar and we welcome many overseas visitors and exhibitors from other breeds, many of whom return year after year on a regular basis to enjoy the spectacle. The event is fully reported in the dog papers, it is also professionally captured on video and DVD.

Winning a CC gave Joy Crufts qualification for life , stud book number and also an Invitation to attend the most prestigious Show in the Bulldog calender, 'Bulldog of the Year'.

I would like to thank Judge Mrs Alison Gunson [ Wyecaple] for thinking so highly of Joy.

(15)Graduate Bitch 9 (2 abs)
1st Larsson’s, Jabberwockys Enjoy Me for Britisher,
I just loved this little girl, standard, compact, neat and tidy, has all the correct attributes of a bulldog bitch, fills the eye with no distracting exaggeration whatsoever! Flowing outline, excellent reach of neck, correctly tacked on to a super shoulder with excellent return of upper arm, correct topline which she held on the move. A picture, whichever angle you see her from. Wish she was mine ! Well handled to take class, CC and BOS.

As it is by 'Invitation Only', I was honoured and very proud be taking part amongst the best Bulldogs in the UK. Although we did not win, it was still a wonderful achievement for me and Joy to be there, and a day I will never forget.


Photos: Pasi Apajalahti, Finland and Avi of Pnei Mallach, Israel.

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